Get Customer Notes

This request allows you to pull the notes for a customer.


In Secure Payments, you can add notes to customers. This can be a useful way to keep track of information you learn about a customer that doesn't fit into any default fields.

To GET a customer's notes, you'll need their Secure Payments ID. (If you don't have their ID, see our Get Customers endpoint.

The response returns a list of all the notes associated with this customer. Each note has a note ID, which is used to edit or delete them.

For more info, see our article Secure Payments API – GET Customer Notes.


Try It Instructions

To see the notes for a specific customer, you'll need that customer's ID. Enter it in this page's Pathway Parameters section and hit the Try It button. Or, you can use the example ID we have included here.

If there are notes associated with that customer, they'll be displayed with a 200 response. If not, you'll just get a set of empty brackets.

A 404 response most likely means that you've entered a nonexistent customer ID. See our Get Customers page for help with that.

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