Delete Customer Note

This request allows you to delete a customer note.


Notes are helpful for saving information about customers that doesn't fit in any other field, but when they've outlived their usefulness you may want to dispose of them.

To delete a note, you'll need the ID for both the customer and the specific note. You can find these with a Get Customers and Get Customer Notes request. Since it's a DELETE request, there won't be a payload body.

For more information, see our article Secure Payments API – DELETE Customer Note.


Try It Instructions

For the Try It editor on this page, enter the customer and note ID in the pathway parameters, which will create an endpoint for this specific note. Then hit the Try It button.

A 200 response with the result of true means that the unwanted note is gone forever. You'll get a 404 if the customer or note ID don't exist. That might just mean that you already deleted the note and tried to delete it again.

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