Create Checking Account

  "checking-account": {
    "accountholder_name": "Jerry Garcia",
    "account_number": "142725789",
    "routing_number": "124002971",
    "bank_name": "WELLS FARGO BANK",
    "eft_branch_number": "",
    "eft_institution_number": "",
    "address": "123 OAK LANE",
    "city": "SCHENECTADY",
    "country": "USA",
    "zipcode": "12345",
    "state": "NY",
    "account_type": "checking"


This endpoint will create a new checking account payment profile and generate the Secure Payments token that you'll need to process payments with the profile.

Note that in the header, you'll use an OBO token as the authorization rather than your normal API credentials.

The payload itself is pretty straightforward, just enter the accountholder's information and some info about the bank. For more info, see our article Secure Payments API – Creating a Checking Account.


Try It Instructions

We've already set up a customer, but feel free to change any of those fields and you'll be good to hit Try It. A 200 response will include a token for the payment profile, which you can use on other requests, like Getting or Deleting a checking account.

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