Generate NACHA File

This request allows you to generate a NACHA batch file.

  "processor": 589


NACHA processors automatically generate a batch file each day at the cutoff time you specified when you created the processor. If you would like to generate a batch file before then, you can use this request to manually create one. This batch fill will include all transactions between the last cutoff time and the time of your request.

For more information, take a look at our Secure Payments API – Generate NACHA File article on our help site.



Try It

To get a 200 response from the Try It option, enter a valid processor ID in the Body Params section. If you get a 425 response, there were no transactions for that processor in the PENDING status. To create a transaction, you can do so with the Create NACHA TX endpoint.

If you don't know the IDs of your processors, use the Get Processor Info endpoint. If you don't have any processors, use the Create Nacha Processor endpoint.

This example uses credentials from our demo account. If you'd like to use a different account, enter values for Authorization and Secret in the Headers section.

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