If your API connection has not yet been configured, you will need to complete that step first.

LoanPro's API will look for three special headers to authenticate your requests:

Double-check your spelling, as your headers will need to be spelled exactly as they are shown here to work. Below, we'll list an example of how a full set of headers are formatted.

To view your authentication information, navigate to Settings > Company > API > Overview within your account.


You can activate multiple API keys for your LoanPro account. API keys are associated with your agent users, and there's no limit to how many valid keys you can have at a time. To learn more about LoanPro's API keys, take a look at our Multiple Tenant API Keys article.

  1. The Authorization header refers to the API Token found within your LoanPro account. Before including your API Token, you must include the word, "Bearer". For example, if your API Token is "111aaa222bbb", your header will be written as Authorization:Bearer 111aaa222bbb.

  2. The Autopal-Instance-ID comes next, and it refers to your specific tenant ID. This is listed above the API Token as Tenant ID. Using the image above as an example, the header would be written as Autopal-Instance-ID:5200000.

  3. The Content-Type is the last necessary header, and it's written as Content-Type:application/json.

Your completed headers will look something like this:
Authorization:Bearer 1111111111111318dc37271a2617625dd00137b4

See Communicating with the API for additional information regarding API connection.