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Link Source Company to SecurePayments PaymentMethod

There is a source_company_entity table populated by the create source company endpoint. There is another table called checking_account_entity that seems to hold SecurePayments checking accounts. I confirmed by testing that when creating a new source company, if the payload includes the following:

  "checkingAccountId": 1

then the new Source Company will be added to LoanPro and will already be linked to a Payment Profile.

If you click the "add/edit" button when managing a source company "Payment Method" it pulls up the Secure Payments UI inside of the modal.

However, I am trying to do the following flow by API, and I am stuck on step 3:

  1. Accept company & bank information
  2. Call secure payments create checking account to obtain a token
  3. Use the token to get a corresponding checking_account_id (via LoanPro or SecurePayments)
  4. Use the checking_account_id and company information to create a Source Company with a Payment Method

I have not been able to find a method to "Link a Source Company to a Payment Method" in either the LoanPro or SecurePayments documentation. Is it possible by API to connect a Source Company to a Payment Method when only in possession of the Payment Method token?

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